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I grew up on a small farm in Delaware County and went on to study political science at Hartwick College. Three years into my degree, I had to pause my education due to financial hardship. I was working full time while pursuing my degree, but life expenses were still adding up. When the pandemic hit, I joined an essential sector that needed employees badly - education. I’m employed at Schenevus CSD as a long-term substitute teacher, currently teaching high school English. I have worked in education for the past two years, and my employment there inspired me to run for this office. As a state, we have a lot to fight for. Every day, I wake up and instill in my students the knowledge they need to be successful in today’s society. I’m running because I’d like to ensure that life in Central NY works for them, post-high school. This desire comes in many forms. First and foremost, we want to navigate our state out of this pandemic, and rectify the educational, societal, and economic impacts it has unleashed on us. We want our children to have access to broadband internet to bolster the quality of their education. We want our farm kids to be able to inherit their farms, work hard to put food on our table, and make a comfortable profit while doing so. We want our children to grow up knowing that they can go to the doctor without fear of who’s going to pay for it. Most importantly, we want our children to see people with morals and compassion leading the way to a better future for all of us.

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose"

-Lyndon B. Johnson


Plans and positions on issues that affect our district are essential to understand when choosing a representative. It is important to remember that the New York State Assembly has a Democratic majority. Having a Democratic representative will make the needs of our district much more attainable. I don't agree with the partisanship shown on the state or federal level, but we need to work with what we have, and elect a moderate Democratic representative. Look below to find my plans, positions, and how I plan to implement them.


Our district, as well as a majority of Upstate NY, was built on a strong foundation of agriculture. As you drive through the district, you see old barns that symbolize the livelihood of our ancestors. We need to ensure family farms are not just a mark in our history, yet instead, help them innovate and adapt to the future.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? I grew up on a small farm in Upstate NY, and I understand what our farmers are going through. In talking to farmers while campaigning, I've noticed a common theme - small farms are being crushed in property taxes. If we want our farmers to be competitive, we need to give them a fair shot to be competitive. In Albany, I will advocate for increased property tax breaks for small farmers. A majority of the power in state government comes from downstate, so we need to ensure they are listening to the problems our farmers face. I will serve as a constant reminder that farmers are an essential part of our economy.

HOW WILL THE TAX BREAKS BE PAID FOR? While doing extensive research into the topic, I concluded we could implement certain elements of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) of 1933 into today's market. Simply put, the AAA was a bill to lift farmers out of the Great Depression. To pay for  subsidies for small farms, the government increased taxes on the industries that buy the raw materials from farms. If we can implement an element of this bill into law today, replacing subsidies with property tax breaks, I believe we can help our farmers out when they need us most.


Economic growth needs to be an important focus during the next legislative session. The pandemic crippled our economy, and together, we can work to make it stronger than before. We need innovative ideas on how to bring about an increase in manufacturing, number of jobs, and economic productivity in our district.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? Ideas to bring job growth need to be exchanged between local leaders, as well as with representatives in Albany. If we come together, we can come up with a logistical plan on dealing with the issues we face. As your Assemblyman, I pledge to make informed votes based on bipartisan input from our local business owners. We need to figure out how to incentivize our district in order to be seen as prime real estate for manufacturing. In addition to manufacturing jobs, we need to understand that small businesses are essential in combating unemployment throughout our district. The revitalization of downtowns throughout the district needs to be a priority and we need to work together to increase the amount of small businesses, starting with ensuring they have the resources and funds they need to start up and be successful, with minimal obstruction from the state government.


Education reform will be one of my top issues. Our education system is lacking greatly, and it needs to be rectified immediately. I believe that the success of our state's future can be gauged on the quality of education our students receive today. Our last education reform was ill-planned, and its implementation was extremely hard on both students and teachers alike. Being a student when Common Core was implemented, I can attest to that! I have worked the past two years in education, and I'm running for my students, as well as my colleagues

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? There is a lot that needs to be done concerning education. I know the issues rural school districts and their students face. It is essential these problems are combatted, in order to make our students (our future professionals, work-force, and leaders) competitive. We need to call for higher funding to rural schools and ensure that funding is based on need, and not on school performance. A portion of this funding needs to go to raises for teachers. They work diligently, day in and day out to ensure the best for their students. In fact, in small schools like mine, I'd go as far as to call them family. Teachers are professionals with master's degrees, and they SHOULD NOT have to work two, sometimes three jobs, just to stay afloat. The remainder of this funding needs to go to our needy schools, to ensure they are receiving a world-class education. Our students shouldn't have decades old textbooks because new ones are too much. Our students shouldn't be missing out on educational advances due to high costs. Our students deserve the best, and as Assemblyman, I won't stop until we can promise them the best.

WHAT I PLEDGE TO DO CONCERNING EDUCATION REFORM: I believe an important aspect of truly fixing this problem we face is getting input from those it affects. As Assemblyman, it would be my goal to visit each school district in the 102st at least once per term, and hold a meeting with both students and teachers. Hearing their concerns is essential when it comes to representing them during a time of education reform. Too often, both students and teachers get left out of the legislative process regarding legislation that would affect them, and I am determined to put an end to it.


Energy, particularly methods of energy production, will be a rising issue in the coming years in state government. If we want to adapt, our state needs to go green. In 2019, Albany passed New York's version of the "Green New Deal," which is a step in the right direction. We need to ensure the state can maintain the goals we have set in order to achieve the standards set by this law, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? In order to begin combating climate change, we need to ensure we are achieving our state-wide goals. I am an advocate for incentives given to any household or business who decides to start transitioning to green energy, and ensure they have the capital to do so. I do not want cost to be a barrier when it comes to installing solar panels at your respective home or business. Some constituents may not want to see this as a climate change issue, so I'll throw this one at you - this can also be viewed as a sustainability solution. If an effective transition to green energy happens in the future, our dependence on foreign countries will lessen, particularly concerning fossil fuels. Recent events have shown us that our economic supply chain is fragile and unpredictable, let's set ourselves up for success in this respect. No matter which way the issue is viewed, it is essential we take action now, and I will be the Assemblyman to do so.


This is definitely an issue that draws strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum throughout my district, which makes it all the more important to come to a compromise. Gun violence is at an all time high in our country. A majority of gun owners would never even think of doing harm to innocent people. This is why we need to focus more on promising these regulations are not punitive to gun owners, while ensuring ill-minded people who wish to do us harm are not able to have access to guns. We need gun laws, but we don't want them to the extent of alienating responsible gun owners. We need to stop acting as if guns themselves are detrimental to our society, and instead focus on improving access to mental health care, as well as becoming more aware of warning signs shown by almost all mass shooters. If you have a history of violence, or make threats to schools and businesses, you shouldn't own a firearm. Period.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? We need to ensure that people who shouldn't have guns do not have access to guns. A majority of Americans are proponents of universal background checks, as are a majority of NRA members. Gun owners need to recognize that background checks and mild regulations are valuable trade-offs when it comes to saving lives. Gun laws are essential in protecting our society. I am an advocate for channeling money raised from gun licensing fees into youth gun programs. Teaching safety is what's important here, and we are in no way trying to infringe on your Second Amendment rights. I approve of the state's red-flag laws, as they ensure dangerous people do not have access to guns. If need be, we can revise these laws, if problems arise. Finding a viable solution which is acceptable to both parties is essential in easing the partisan divide we see today, while ensuring, and pledging, our maximum efforts to keep our schools and streets safe.


I believe that healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. As such, legislators need to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has access to quality health insurance.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? If elected, I would vote for the New York Health Act (NYHA). This bill would allow New Yorkers to pick their own provider, and will pay for any medically necessary care. This bill covers all out-of-pocket costs, meaning no more copays. People will no longer have to worry about the cost of attending the doctor, and lives can be saved as a result. This bill will cut out the insurance companies, which currently act as the middleman. Read more at: https://www.nysenate.gov/sites/default/files/article/attachment/5024_jackson_nyha_brochure.pdf


Infrastructure throughout our district needs to be improved. Potholes are rampant on our roads, which is a safety hazard, as well as the catalyst of costly vehicle repairs. Affordable broadband access needs to be universal in our state. The pandemic exacerbated the need for broadband, especially regarding the education of our children. We live in a digital world, we need to embrace it and adapt.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? As Assemblyman, I will call for an increase in state aid to our local towns for the purpose of mending our roads, and check in on progress of projects funded by the Build Back Better Act. In addition to this, we must work with communication companies and ensure that all residents have access to affordable broadband. In a time where a high-speed internet connection is necessary to thrive and succeed in many aspects of society, it is essential we make it a priority.

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